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 im sorry that all we do is fight...i dont know why it is all we do, is it because in the end we are the same person with the same thoughts?.. i dont know... i have never felt this way about anyone before... all i need is to hear your voice to make things better.. all i need is to kiss you to make things better and all i need is to look into those beautiful hazel eyes... and get lost like i did 7 months ago...
no matter what happens i know we always think of the better then the worse... we have had so many good times together... like the time we made ramen and eggs together... we both knew it wasnt going to work... but we just wanted to try together anyway.. that was the first time we cooked together... no matter what the good times always over come the bad with us... im sorry that the bad just come up way to often... but im trying as hard as i can to make the bad go away... i love you so much that im trying so hard... i know it took 7 months for things to " be fixed" and i know its not happening right away.. but im trying so hard because the way you smile is just to perfect to be hidden forever... 

you are my everything no matter what happens<3
you are all i want<3
there is no one that could ever replace you...<3

41808 till forever <3

i dont see what anyone can see in anyone else but you <3

Nov. 9th, 2008

 so i am currently un employed from a pathetic company called t.g.i fridays
i am sick of people taking advantage of me and my girlfriend. 
they treat us like shit and then they fire us and expect us to be happy with the outcome.
me and my girlfriend arnt taking shit from them anymore we are going in today and telling them how shitty they are
and how bad our experience was.
me and my girlfriend are looking for new jobs and now stronger then ever thanks to our experience.
i love her so much<3 i would be nothing without her. i am glad we are this strong together and i love her soo much.
im glad that together we are a team.
i love you baby. and together we will overcome this.

forever and ever baby<3

Oct. 15th, 2008

 today is three days before ive been with my girlfriend for 6 months. im extremely excited. i love her more then anything.
she puts up with so much just to be with me.. and still in the end she always loves me.
she is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and i have so much planned with her<3

even though we always get into fights, arguments we still always come out holding each other and everything being fine in the end.
i would do anything for this girl, even rub my asian managers nipples every night for minimum wage if it helped us hold an apartment.

we go through hell and back to be with each other, and i would do it all over again just to be by her side.

we have so many fun, cute times together. wether it be us watching the debate and taking turns humping the t.v. or us sharing amazing ice tea from taco bell. she is my best friend and my soul mate.

i dont like seeing her upset at all... i try everything to bring that smile to her face and id do anything to help make it stay.

im trying so hard not to be so insecure about myself anymore because she needs a big strong protector.. not some middle school kid.
im here for you baby, and i always will be. i support you and i love you. i am never going to let you fall<3

happy 6 months baby<3 before you know it we will be walking out as mr. and mrs. kenny and veronica magnan<3 i promise.

Oct. 13th, 2008

veronica ann is known as one of the most beautiful creatures ever. but dont let her looks fool you!.
she is one of the most deadliest hunters and will strike you down at any sign of weakness!!!!
she likes to take way to much vikadin to the point where she whooshes around her den.
she is very quite so you never know what is on her mind, whether she wants to eat your soul! or just cuddle up to you and let you pet her.
she likes making jokes about kenny rubbing asian nipples and will never let him forget it!!

she is a cruel but beautiful creature. make sure if you catch her... you never let her go because there is no one like her in the whole world. so once you have her, love her and cherish her for life <3 

i love you boo

the only one<3

 so there is this girl, i met her almost 6 months ago
i never knew what love really was, but i always wanted to fee what it was.
i would have dreams of the perfect girl, the perfect relationship.
but it was no where to be found
then my friend told me about this girl who wanted a boy like me.
i gave it a shot.
and its safe to say i fell in love instantly.
and im not falling out anytime soon.

veronica is her name, and she is perfect.
she is the only girl i want to be with for the rest of my life.
we talk about our life together all the time. and our future sounds perfect.
sometimes i'm a dick.... and i can be a better boyfriend..
and the other times i'm all she needs...
i never had anyone like her before.

i cry to much... i need to stop and listen to her... she needs to be held more then i do...she needs someone there for her and im supposed to be that someone but i think about myself way to much...
she is the reason i breathe, the reason i wake, the reason i live.
without her i'm nothing.

i should really stop being a dick.. and just be the one who calls her baby all the time... i should be the should she cries on when she needs someone....

i'm so in love with veronica its not even funny...
she is my love
my passion
my soulmate
she is my world
my life
my everything.

there really is no girl that is like her out there.
that makes me feel good about myself because now i know i have the only veronica secreti 
and she is all i need

i promise that i will change with somethings. i will be there for her when she needs to cry and stop caring about when i want to...
i promise that i wont be such a dick with an attitude when nothing wrong happened.
i promise i will be the jack that loves sally, never hurts her.

i want to be known as the perfect boyfriend.
more perfect then i already treat her.
she is such a good person. she deserves the best
and i want to be the one that gives her the best.

my life will not be complete until she is my wife.
i just want to get engaged to her. i want her to be my fiance 
i want her to be the perfect mother of my kids
i want her to be mine<3

babydoll<3 im so in love with you 
i want to wipe your tears away
i want to give you never ending love
i want to be the one that calls you baby all the time<3

i cant wait... until i hear the words " and now here comes the new bride and groom MR & MRS KENNY AND VERONICA MAGNAN!! " as we walk out to smother me... and have our first dance... as husband and wife <3<3<3

and they lived happily ever after <3

4 18 08 babygirl<3
 i have the greatest girlfriend in the whole world.
she stands by my side through the toughest times
she holds me when im weak.
she helps build me up to be strong

but i dont give her enough credit..... when i really should. she puts up with so much shit.. just to stay with me... and i just remain selfish...
i love veronica more than anything in the whole world.. i protect her through everything. im there for her when she is weak.. i help wipe her tears away when she cries... im there for her no matter what

i just wish that my parents werent the way that they are... they find crude jokes to be funny... and over the years you just grow old of it...
i just want to marry my babygirl and go far far away... so it can be just us... my parents say im becoming distant from them.. i really am.. but yet they are to. they dont even help me get through college.. because i didnt talk to them about it...

if it wasnt for my girlfriend i would really be no where in life... she is the only thing that keeps me breathing.. she is the only thing that keeps my heart beating.... i would do anything for her... anything..

i just wish my parents would grow up... i wish i could tell them without getting yelled at for once.. or speaking off terms....they arnt funny... i wish they would just learn that....

veronica baby<3 you are my life.. you are my soul.. you are the reason i wake in the morning... im sorry my parents act the way they do... im sorry they are so fucked up.... im sorry...

i would do anything to wake up far far away... in a town no one has ever heard of... and just see your face in the morning... and spend the rest of my days with you...

im so deeply in love with you.. i just feel so terrible that this is how you feel...... because i dont know how you feel when you come over... i dont know what it is like.... but i wish i did.. and i wish there was something i could do to make it all better.... because i would hold the world for you if you asked me to...

the only numbers that run through my head everyday is always the same


i just want my life to be with you and only you
you complete me baby<3

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